Maya X Mods and New Features for Maya

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a set of tools and modifications for Autodesk Maya that will speed up your working and learning process, save you a lot of time, and make your daily life as a Maya user easier.


New Smarter Toolbox:  it allows you to access your common tools, make primitives, make the right shaders and lights all based on your render engine.

New Attribute Editor Buttons: 

  • Apply to all: change attribute and apply changes to all selected objects
  • Modify: modify components for some nodes like extrude and bevel
  • Unique: create a unique material from an already assigned base material

New Content Browser: all new smarter content browsers, access all your scene files, textures, and cache files easily.

  • easily import/reference/open any .ma .mb .obj .fbx files.
  • you can access files from other CG Apps as well for example your blender-Houdini-substance,... files, clicking on these files will open them in their corresponding software.
  • the content browser will recognize your texture files and it can automatically assign one or all of them to the right channels of your material.
  • batch generate thumbnails for your scene and textures.
  • create render volumes from your VDB files or send them to your Bifrost graph.

Updated Copy Paste: you have new options for pasting items into your scene without the prefix - or additional group.

Polymesh Groups: create groups or sets for your poly components and select them easily, you can also run a macro or Mel script on multiple groups.

MeshCombiner: Real-Time remesh tool.

Mesh Placer: a Ui similar to Ue4 foliage paint which lets you scatter your objects around the scene

Particle Placer: use particles to scatter objects around your scene

Retopo and UV Tools: one-click Retopot and UV with "PlanarRetopo" and "RailUV"

Auto Extrude: Automatically Extrude any curve, great for making strand-like effects, hairs, and vegetation.

Updated Boolean: change Boolean shape interactively 

Smart Hotkey: no more going through menus and marking menus for every command, with smart hotkey you can run many common commands, open many common windows just by pressing a single button.

User-friendly features: many custom codes have been written to simplify more complex tasks, and are part of smart hotkey and the new UI.

Auto Camera Preview: just select a camera and a new window will open showing you the view of that camera (doesn't work properly in macOS, you can disable it from MayaX Settings)

Customizable Codes for studios: studios have access to all codes for my tools and scripts you can customize them to your artist's needs.

more features are on the way!


Fast response to any problems you may encounter.

Documentation for MayaX is included in the pack

Customizable Pricing

not all of us live in the same economy and financial state, I always tried to set a minimum price for my products something that anyone can pay but I understand that the price of Maya X can be quite high for some of you. my goal with Maya x was to help all Maya users have a better experience so don't worry about the price and just send me an email if you need a discount code.

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Maya X Mods and New Features for Maya

30 ratings
I want this!