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Easy Terrain 2

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Ever wanted to make a landscape but it's just too complicated? is your current solution to creating landscapes very time-consuming?

With EasyTerrain 2 you can make beautiful landscapes in a matter of seconds all within the comfort of the Autodesk Maya.

Real-World Data:

Easy Terrain 2 comes with a real-world high map database, which means if you want to make japan you can use the real-world data and make exactly the same terrain that you see in the real world. (currently, it's limited to some areas but my plan is to cover as much of earth as possible)

Japan, Israel, USA are now available.

No more flat plane:

while most other software works only with a flat plane, in Easy Terrain 2 you can use any shape whether it’s a simple sphere or a person or maybe an island on the back of a turtle!

Not just landscape:

with Geo Paint, you can make shapes like rock formation, Corona Arch, stalagmite, stalactites, or rock bridges

Easy Texturing:

Easy Terrain texturing is simple and easy, you don't need to be an expert to make your terrain look beautiful.

New Features in Easy Terrain 2:

Easy Terrain 2 is a complete rewrite of Easy Terrain for Maya

Multiple terrain surfaces.

Blending Mode

Flow maps

Detail Maps

Real-World Data

More advance texturing

Geometry Paint

New features on their way:

All the updates of Easy Terrain 2 will be free no additional payment requires.



Fast and efficient response to any problems you may encounter.

the price of EasyTerrain 2 is based on a survey I took a while back, please let me know if you have budget problems and need special discounts!

if you wish to become an affiliate please send me an email:

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Easy Terrain 2

37 ratings
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