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X-Ray is a real-time rendering tool for Autodesk Maya.

Stunning Real-time Rendering In Maya Viewport 2:

You can achieve light and shading quality that matches your offline render engines.

No Nvidia RTX Requires, X-Ray Runs on any GPU:

With a quality far better than any other real-time rendering tool, X-Ray can run on any graphic card (AMD, Nvidia, Intel,... ) , while having a powerful GPU can have its benefits, X-Ray can even run on lower-end GPUs, if it can run Maya's Viewport 2 it can run X-Ray.

Share your scene with ease:

If you do light and shading using X-Ray you can easily share your scene with anyone, even if they don't have X-Ray, they will still see the scene with the same amazing quality as you do on your PC.

Get the best out of each render engine:

in X-Ray 2, you can choose to calculate each aspect of rendering (Light/Reflection/SSS) with a different render engine and see the mixed result in real-time, so if you have a copy of Redshift, you can choose that as the core of lighting or SSS calculation and achieve a real-time quality that looks the same as your redshift renders.

You have access to both v2 & v3 after purchase.

X-Ray 2: Turtle - Arnold - V-Ray - Redshift are supported for Light/Reflection and SSS rendering (engine-specific materials are supported for SSS but your objects should have blinn material to view the result).

X-Ray 3: Only Arnold is supported for Light/Reflection/SSS, as well as using aiStandardSurface as the main Shader for your objects. you can switch between viewport and Arnold render at any time.

in v3.1 Redshift is also added for light baking.

Volumetric Lighting:

You can also have volumetric lighting in X-Ray 3.

Use X-Ray light and reflection maps in game engines:

All the Light, Reflection, and SSS maps will be saved to disk, you can use them in different game engines to not only save a lot of time but to achieve stunning lighting quality as well, just imagine creating a WebGL game with a lighting that looks better than UE5 on high-end PCs.

Focused on being Artistic:

X-Ray is focused on being artistic, every light and reflection is a canvas that you can easily change, paint on and modify to your will, this gives a level of control, unlike anything you have ever seen.


X-Ray light baking only works on polygon objects, if you want to use it with X-Gen or nHair you should first convert your hair system to mesh and use that for light baking.

X-Ray works on viewport 2 and uses Maya's built-in shading system, so all the limitations of viewport 2 are also applied to X-Ray, that includes having a hard time on large scenes with lots of textures and objects, and since X-Ray relies heavily on baked maps it will help if you try to optimize your textures and objects as much as possible.

X-Ray works on Maya 2018-2025

Customizable Pricing

Not all of us live in the same economy and financial state, I always tried to set a minimum price for my products, enough to help me continue production of these tools, and something that anyone can easily pay but I understand that X-Ray price might be high for some people, my goal is to help all Maya users have a better experience, so if you live in a bad economy don't worry about the price, just send me an email and let me know how much discount you need.

also please let me know if you have any feedback on the price X-Ray.



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Real Time Rendering Tool for Maya + Multi-Layer Shading and Texturing Tool.

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X-Ray Realtime Rendering Tool - Perpetual

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